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The nation’s leading college sports fan website has become a popular source of information about A&M sports and is a great way to communicate with fellow Aggies using technology. Texas A&M Lettermen’s Association members are invited to join in on the fun, and TexAgs will give you this special letterman subscription.

Join former players like Kevin Smith, Jerrod Johnson, Kevin Murray, Seth McKinney, Domingo Bryant, Chris Cole, Martellus Bennett, Terrence Murphy, Steve Solari and many other former athletes who spend time reading and posting their expertise on

The username will be your first and last name and your jersey number or class year from your time at A&M. This will be displayed every time you make a post lending instant credibility to your comments.

In order to take advantage of this letterman subscription, please send an e-mail to the Lettermen’s Association office at, requesting your special subscription.

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